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“My labor and delivery experience was purely wonderful. The energy in the room was uplifting and even though my labor and delivery didn't go exactly as I'd hoped and planned on, Natalee was supportive and kept us going the entire time. When I needed it most, she had a quip sense of humor that kept the energy going in the room, and did a lot of the "leg work" so that my husband could enjoy the process and be there for me by cheering me on and keeping me focused and calm since he was deployed for our first baby. We couldn't be more thankful for her support throughout this experience, and her checking in even after delivery to make sure that things were going well with breastfeeding and simply asking how we were doing. Thank you so much!”


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“Natalee came highly recommended by a close friend as a birth doula. Natalee and I began talking a few months before my move internationally and she would continue to reach out before I arrived in the area to see how everything was progressing with pregnancy. Natalee was very through with understanding our previous birthing situations (2) and meeting our needs for baby #3. She prepared a birthing plan for both a VBAC and Cesarean along with noting birthing triggers for my PTSD. The day of Isabella’s arrival, Natalee supported both myself and my husband with evidence base information, food runs, and comforting conversations. She removed a lot of stress by sitting with me while my husband was able to step away for “delicious” hospital food and keep family updated on the birth situation. The baby was a “surprise” breech so a C-section was performed with no laboring. Natalee stayed several hours afterward to help with breastfeeding, ensure my mental state was stable after a PTSD trigger occurred during delivery, and make sure we were settled. She was wonderful the day of and following days. Natalee still checks in on us (myself, baby, and family as a whole). She genuinely cares about her clients and their overall well-being. On the post op visit, she offered priceless lactation advice and gave Isabella a handmade blanket. We cherish her and how she positively impacted our birth experience.”


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“We had a wonderful experience with Natalee from beginning to end. We met with a few Doulas before making our choice, and Natalee's calm professionalism was the reason we chose her.  She was always available to answer any questions, and happy to work around our schedules to meet with us and have us all get more comfortable with each other. She gave me a lot of information to help me prepare mentally and physically for the birth, which helped me stay calm. 

During labor, Natalee was amazing. I was in labor for a very long time, and she was there for all of it, only leaving for very short breaks. She kept her calm through the whole thing, and was very encouraging, even when we were getting stressed and aggravated.  She also helped me stay focused on what I wanted out of the experience.  

After many hours of laboring without pain medication, and with no progression, she also helped me make the hard but correct choice to have an epidural. I truly believe that without her support I would have ended up having a c-section, I am truly grateful for Natalee being a part of my birth experience.”


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“I started reaching out to local doulas midway through my pregnancy, and Natalee stood out immediately because of her prompt and professional communication. We hired her and were thrilled by the support we received before, during, and after the birth of our son.

Natalee was thorough and prepared each time we met, providing helpful resources and materials to prepare us for the birth. As first time parents, my husband and I were unsure of what to really expect and appreciated the way she shed light on a number of topics that could potentially come up during our birth experience. 

Natalee was easy to reach when I had questions or updates about my pregnancy, and was ready to jump into action when I called her in the early hours of the morning to let her know I was in labor. She was adaptable when situations were changing and quick to offer solutions when I felt I couldn't clearly explain what I needed. She was knowledgeable about various labor positions and came prepared with a number of comfort items to share. When we encountered some challenges around communicating with a particular member of the medical staff, Natalee was calm and professional. She helped me to stay focused and ensure that my concerns and preferences were being heard, when I may have otherwise felt intimidated or pressured. As a bonus, she was able to (completely unobtrusively) grab some lovely photos for us, capturing several moments that I may have otherwise not remembered from our long and hectic day.

We were grateful for her presence throughout the entire birth experience and beyond, and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again!”


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“I had a lot of fears and anxiety about childbirth and being a mom but Natalee was there for me every step of the way. She answered my dozens of questions throughout my pregnancy as well as helped me to calm down when I felt the panic rising. She recommended so many good resources and products that helped make both the pregnancy and childcaring easier.

Though Natalee, to no fault of her own, was not present at my birth (unexpectedly born early) she ensured that I was cared for by one of her doula associates. Natalee continued to check in on our little family throughout the birth (three days of hospital care before our child was born) as well as visited us at home immediately after we left the hospital. 

After our son was born, Natalee continued to help my husband and I to become more confident in our parenting abilities by working with us on things such as baby carrying and other basic baby care tips. Natalee was there for our family through everything and her presence and knowledge helped me to be the mom I am now. I feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more confident in my abilities as a mother because Natalee was there for me. Natalee has also continued to cook for us each week which has helped both myself and my husband to eat healthy foods and have that extra time to spend with our son. 

I am forever grateful to her for her help and would recommend any mom and new parents to reach out to Natalee for guidance. 

P.S. My husband said the food Natalee cooks is delicious! I concur.”




“Natalee was instrumental to the birth story of our son. This was my second baby but first time using a doula. Unfortunately, I came with a history of a traumatic birth story from my first child and pre-existing medical conditions that caused complications in pregnancy. Within days of meeting Natalee, I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks. She was ready to be by my side within an hour. Although we were trying to stop labor, Natalee was there to keep me comfortable through the contractions I had and keep my mind occupied. Thankfully, labor was stopped and I went on to 38 weeks pregnant before delivering my son. My labor started fast and furious and Natalee was there within the hour. She was my saving grace when I doubted myself throughout labor. As fears started to grow in my heart, she would comfort me and knew exactly what to do. When my labor stalled and I was completely defeated, Natalee advocated for me. She offered up ideas to position change and even stopping some interventions to give me a break from the contractions. In the end, I needed a c-section due to my baby being malpositioned and large for my small frame. Even during that emotional time, Natalee assured me that I did all I could do. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a doula.”


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“We chose to hire a doula for many reasons. We have no family in the area and very simply, as first time parents we wanted someone there with us who had done this before. Who better to have with you than someone who genuinely wishes to support a mother through labor.

Natalee‘s professionalism was evident at our first interview. It was an easy decision to hire her. Natalee was available throughout the pregnancy for text support and there were two face to face meetings to start talking about the labor itself, to make a plan. Natalee’s support became invaluable to us after I went into early labor. Although I couldn’t do my birth plan exactly how I had wished (due to baby’s preemie status), I was able to keep my head about me and I had the natural birth I wanted with Natalee‘s support when things got difficult. Overall, I had a positive birth experience thanks to our decision to hire Natalee.”


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“Natalee is an amazing and wonderful doula. From our first meeting with her, my husband and I knew she was the right doula for us. This wasn't my first pregnancy however, I had a miscarriage between my firstborn and this pregnancy and knew I needed not just a second support person during labor but someone who could help with any fears or anxiety that could come up during labor. In Natalee I found that even in talking with her before labor she was reassuring and helpful. When labor did come she came as soon as we wanted her too and was so supportive and helpful in offering techniques and insight that we hadn't thought of. Even in the weeks after labor she was still interested in how we were doing and adjusting. Natalee is truly not only a great doula but also a wonderful person. We are so very thankful for her!”


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“My husband and I are very grateful we had Natalee as our doula for the birth of our daughter. We were looking for someone that could help us advocate our preferences with the staff and help my husband stay calm in the event the birth became complicated as we previously had a difficult birth. She was prepared and professional at our meetings, very knowledgeable about birthing techniques, positions, etc and even sent resources on topics we had discussed so I could make better informed decisions.

This birth was a planned induction and she was totally supportive of a hospital birth, including my choice to have an epidural. When it didn’t work, she did a great job of trying different pain relief techniques with me. When things came up that were not part of our original plan, she reminded us so we could ask questions or for other options. She stayed with us until we were settled in the recovery room and followed up multiple times after the birth, too.

Natalee was professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend her!”


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“I'm a first time mom who didn't even know what a doula was until about 4 months from my due date. That's when I met Natalee, who immedietly made me realize how invaluable her knowledge and services could be. I was skeptical about needing a doula considering I was pretty sure I would be using some sort of pain management, but her support before, during, and after labor and delivery was essential. 

Natalee was constantly available by text and phone for all of my crazy questions leading up to my due date. She checked in often just to see how I was doing. She provided encouragement, knowledge, and support throughout the entire process. And she helped me to advocate for myself during an incredibly frustrating, exhausting, emotional and difficult labor. I think labor would have been far more difficult without her.

Even now, weeks after delivery, Natalee has is providing breastfeeding, sleep and general infant 101 support. I have learned so much from her and can't imagine having made this journey without her.”


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"Deciding to have a Doula was a difficult decision but it was so worth it! Natalee was very professional from the beginning and extremely knowledgeable in so many areas that it made me feel comfortable asking questions and sharing information with her. Although I decided to get a doula late in my pregnancy she was very accommodating and made sure we discussed everything and were confident in the birth plans we put together. After a very traumatic first birth experience we outlined my ideal birth plan for this time around but also had a back-up plan for cesarean birth. I think planning for both put my mind at ease no matter what happened. All in all I ended up having an all natural VBAC and only labored for about 6 hours. Natalee was so supportive leading up to going into labor, during and after as well! She was quick to provide advice or help find answers whenever there was a question the couple weeks before delivery. She made sure to remind the doctors and myself of the birth plan if something was said or done incorrectly. Afterward she stayed and helped with breastfeeding and also came to our home to check on us as well! She was a great advocate for my wishes and very encouraging! Having Natalee definitely helped make this birth experience everything I ever wanted!"


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"I am so grateful for having Natalee's knowledge and support during my newest little's pregnancy, delivery, and hospital stay.  Natalee helped me mentally prepare for labor and delivery when I was so distracted by life with a toddler, was a wealth of information when a sudden, unplanned induction was recommended, and took excellent care of me and my husband while our son spent his first 36 hours in the NICU. She was very supportive, encouraging, thoughtful, and helpful throughout or whole birth experience. Natalee is also an excellent, strong advocate and helped us talk to doctors and nurses when we were feeling overwhelmed. I highly recommend Natalee as a doula!"


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"There was a stark contrast between my first pregnancy/L&D without a doula and my second pregnancy/L&D with one. Natalee made all the difference. She was there to help get me settled and comfortable as soon as I arrived at the hospital. Because of Natalee, I was well-informed of the various practices available to me to help make the labor and delivery of my second child go as smoothly as possible (laboring positions, delayed cord clamping, prolonged skin-to-skin, etc.). Not only did she inform me, but she truly advocated for me to ensure that my rights and wishes were respected. I tend be very laid back during birth because I want to let the doctors and nurses do their jobs, but this leads me to not speak up for myself. Natalee made sure that I was spoken for and asked questions for me as well when I was unable to or when I was uncomfortable asking. She truly cares for her clients and their desired birth experiences. Having her in my corner was invaluable"