We cannot step inside their shoes and feel what they are feeling, but we can become curious, enter into their story and honor their need to grieve as they choose.
— Jane Heustis, RN and Marcia Jenkins, RN in “Companioning at a Time of Perinatal Loss”


Families focus time and energy on the future of their baby and creating their birth plan, but what happens when that changes? I will be there for you as a compassionate presence to support you through your birth, and I will provide you with resources and information on what to expect and how to prepare. I am able to support families experiencing birth in any trimester; miscarriages or late-term pregnancy loss, stillbirth, fatal diagnosis, and NICU experiences.

No loss is the same, and many times it is unexpected. I will be there for you 24/7 to support you through potentially difficult decisions and outcomes. I will help you process your emotions and develop a new birth plan to fit you and your baby. I will help prepare you for what to expect with your new birth plan and be with you throughout your birth to help you however you need. I will provide emotional and physical support as you walk through your grief journey. I want you to feel safe so you can ask any questions you may have or ask for the specific support you may need. While you may feel lost, I will be there to make sure you know what to expect through your birth and recovery while grieving.

Bereavement doula support does not end with the birth; I will be there for you during the postpartum time to help you navigate this new path.  This includes practical support, such as how to handle lactation after loss, and emotional support.

For additional resources and support please visit https://stillbirthday.com.