I am Natalee Hines

I serve as a postpartum doula for the Northern Virginia Area, including the surrounding military hospitals. My passion is helping parents have a successful and memorable birth experience as they welcome their new baby into the world.  I especially enjoy helping those parents who may be away from their family, as I know how hard it can be to journey through birth and life with a newborn separated from your typical support system. My goal is to help mothers navigate motherhood with confidence.



I feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more confident in my abilities as a mother because Natalee was there for me. Natalee has also continued to cook for us each week which has helped both myself and my husband to eat healthy foods and have that extra time to spend with our son.

I am forever grateful to her for her help and would recommend any mom and new parents to reach out to Natalee for guidance.
— B.Y.

Q: What can you expect from me as your postpartum doula?

I will help you determine how much support you need and the best schedule to accommodate your needs. I provide professional, unbiased, expert support and hands-on experience to care for your family while you learn to care for your baby. I am there to make sure you get the care you need and to "mother" the new mother. I assist with mom-care basics, baby-care basics, formula feeding, breastfeeding (and pumping), baby carriers, baby bathing, childproofing, running errands, buying groceries, and most newborn-care related tasks. I am able to offer insight and suggestions on caring for your infant and answer any questions that may arise. I care for the whole family with not just my knowledge, but also my practical hands-on assistance with laundry, tidying-up, light meal-prep, dishes, and even providing one-on-one attention to older siblings.

Service Details

My postpartum doula services can be purchased hourly at $35 per hour or for a discounted rate by purchasing a package.  If the listed packages don’t fit your needs, please reach out to me and we can work on a customized package just for you. See the package options below. All of my services include the following:

  • Unlimited phone, text, or email support.

  • Private, in-home meetings

  • Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and/or pumping-focused support

  • Parent-baby bonding support

  • Infant comfort techniques

  • Baby-wearing support

  • Basic newborn care

  • Light housekeeping, laundry, and running errands

  • Meal preparation


Postpartum_baby homecoming4_circle.png

Baby Homecoming  |  $300

In this package I focus on Mom; I ensure that her transition from hospital to home is a smooth one and that her emotional and physical needs are supported. I recommend this package be used during the first 15 days of your new baby’s life. This package consists of 3 three-hour visits, which will include mom self-care, covering care of the perineal area or c-section scar, as well as breast discomfort from nursing, and/or adjusting to your new milk supply. We will discuss basic baby care, including umbilical cord and/or circumcision care, diapering, swaddling, and comfort techniques. After addressing basic needs, we can discuss Baby’s first bath, communication cues, and normal newborn sleep patterns. I will also assess Mom and Dad for signs of postpartum depression. We will discuss any needs you may have, and I will provide information on local services and resources to address these needs. I will also handle any light housekeeping related to Mom or Baby (laundry, dishes, tidying-up, making beds, etc.).

Postpartum_baby basics_circle.png

Baby Basics  |  $450

This package focuses on all things baby and typically includes 5 three-hour visits. We begin with basic baby care, including umbilical and/or circumcision care, diapering, swaddling, and comfort techniques. After addressing basic needs, we can discuss bath time, communication cues, and normal newborn sleep patterns. We will then work on schedule management and developing a routine. I will assist you in establishing daily routines, including sleeping and eating as well as adult time, which will make the adjustment to parenthood smoother. We will address baby-wearing basics, and I can assist you in practicing with any equipment you may have.  We will also work to prepare Mom to travel out with the baby unassisted, focusing on diaper bag essentials, stroller use, and car seat safety. If Mom is breastfeeding, I will help Mom explore different positions for feeding Baby overnight, at home, and on the go. I will also assess Mom and Dad for signs of postpartum depression. We will discuss any needs you may have, and I will provide information on local services and resources to address these needs. I will also handle any light housekeeping related to Mom or Baby (laundry, dishes, and tidying-up, making beds, etc.).

Common Questions

What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula helps you focus on your newborn while she nurtures the mother, supports your parenting choices, and answers any questions you may have.  A doula’s support provides knowledge and affirmations that allow parents to become more confident in their skills. She can be your hands and feet during recovery after c-section or vaginal birth.  She can cook, do the laundry, make the bed, do the dishes, and take care of the family, allowing you to rest and recover while adjusting to and enjoying life with a newborn.

When should I use a postpartum doula?

Families benefit most from a postpartum doula in the first few weeks after birth. Doula support within the first days at home can help you start your journey with this new baby on the best foot.  However, this is not the only time you might benefit from a doula. Help during the first 2 months of a baby’s life can make a huge impact on a mother’s overall outlook.

Whether you need support for 1 to 2 days or ongoing support for weeks or months, there is no wrong time to hire a postpartum doula.

Who benefits from a postpartum doula?

Anyone can benefit from additional help in the immediate postpartum period, including the following: military families, women who had a difficult birth, families whose support network isn’t local, babies with special needs, first-time parents, parents with young children, parents of multiples, women recovering from cesarean, women who wish to breastfeed, women who plan on bottle-feeding, parents of premature babies, colic-y babies, women experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, all families looking for extra support.

What is the difference between a baby/night nurse and a postpartum doula?

A baby/night nurse is there only to care for the baby.  A postpartum doula cares for the whole family, while helping parents learn to care for their baby with confidence.  Typically, neither one is a medical professional.

Does a postpartum doula care for the baby?

A postpartum doula aims to leave the bonding opportunities to the parents. She tries to focus on caring for the family so the family can care for the baby. If you request more hands-on baby-care, she can accommodate your needs and assist you in caring for the baby as you see fit. If she does occasionally take on this role, she will always follow your lead and guidelines in caring for the baby.

What does nighttime care look like?

If you are breastfeeding, a postpartum doula will bring your baby to you to feed, provide answers to your questions and encouragement, and help you with pumping and storing milk if you plan on bottle-feeding overnight.  The doula will fill in where you need, whether that means bringing the baby to you only to feed – while  handling the burping, changing, swaddling, and soothing to sleep for you – or merely helping the baby fall back asleep when you finish caring for them. If you want to stay in bed the entire shift, you should – let the postpartum doula handle the “heavy” lifting. A nighttime doula does not sleep while the baby sleeps; she monitors the baby and helps around the house by doing dishes or laundry, cleaning up the rooms, cooking (if it can be done quietly), and researching any questions the family may have. If, after all this, there is nothing more to do, the doula may sit down for a light doze on the sofa.