Please bear with me as I start this blogging journey, this is new to me. Throw me in a room with a woman giving birth and I am golden – I can help you in any way you need – but ask me to write a weekly blog, and I have a lot to learn.

To start let me introduce myself, I am Natalee Hines a birth doula! I feel called to help other women experience birth as an empowering moment in their life. I help women advocate for the birth they want and help them through the birth journey. Sometimes our best laid plans don’t work out and, if that is the case, I help them down the new path whether that means an induction, pain medication, or a c-section – I stay by their side.

To get my blog up and running I will be posting weekly blogs on the ABC’s of pregnancy. Each letter in the alphabet will introduce an important pregnancy topic that starts with that letter. Once we run through the pregnancy alphabet, I will start over – covering the alphabets of birth, baby, and postpartum. Tune in Monday for the letter A… A is for Amniotic Fluid.