E is for Exercise

Exercise is not only safe during a healthy pregnancy but can be the key to helping you have an easier labor!  It is always a good idea to check with your care provider to ensure that exercise is safe during your specific pregnancy.  Some rare conditions can make exercise dangerous during pregnancy, so if you think you may have risks associated with exercise, definitely make sure to check with your provider before exercising. 

Exercise can help reduce back pain, relieve constipation, encourage ideal weight gain, and improve your general health and strength which can result in a shorter labor overall with less risk of c-section.  Exercising during pregnancy can also make it easier to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight after delivery.  Thirty minutes of activity that increases your heart rate each day is ideal; this can be as simple as going for a brisk walk.  If you are just starting exercise due to your pregnancy, it may be a good idea to start out with 5-10 minutes a day and slowly increase that number to 30.

Most types of exercise are safe throughout pregnancy as long as you pay extra attention to your body and do not overdo it.  Some safe exercises for pregnancy are swimming, walking, stationary cycling, elliptical, and aerobics.  Yoga is also a wonderful exercise during pregnancy as it aids with relaxation and muscle toning which are both extremely helpful during labor.  Many women safely exercise up to the day they go into labor. 

If you have any questions about safe exercises during pregnancy feel free to leave a comment.  Next week I will blog about the letter F… F is for Foot Massage.